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Sometimes, the beacon of emergency vehicles (rescue, firefighters, ambulances etc) because of the place where it is situated (on the top of the vehicle) is not visible by the inside mirror of the vehicle ahead. This can lead to the fact that the vehicle is not perceived, even if it is “stuck” behind it.  

In that case, what can be much helpful, is the emergency light systems which flash. This has to do with electronic flashing mechanisms, which are used in the headlamps of the emergency vehicles and espacially they are installed in the large scale of the lights, as well as in the back lights (lights of the brakes).

They can be helpful during the night as also the day in large extend, as well as in the peak hour inside the traffic jam, ensuring more perimetric protection and recodnition.

They are specially designed to be used by members of rescue organisations and emergency services.

All products are designed and manufactured in Hellas by an Electronic Engineer.

Suitable for all types of vehicles.